Welcome to the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana

ImageHandlerThe Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), is the apex Farmer-Based Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana with the mandate to advocate for pro poor agriculture and trade policies and other issues that affects the livelihoods of small holder farmers. Formed in August 2005, our mission is to develop beneficial programmes favourable for increasing agricultural production, processing and, marketing through building and strengthening the capacities of farmers in policy advocacy and entrepreneurial skills and improve access to local, national and international markets and resources.

Our vision is to provide a life of dignity for the peasant farmer.

The main objectives of the organization include:

  • To provide a platform to discuss issues related to peasant farmers
  • To provide a platform to discuss issues related to peasant farmers
  • To facilitate advocacy and lobbying on national and international agricultural and trade policy issues affecting peasant farming
  • To provide technical, business development and other services to members aimed at addressing constraints faced by peasant farmers in Ghana
  • To provide an avenue for information collection, processing and dissemination among members of PFAG
  • To provide leadership for peasant farmers in Ghana
  • To provide support to farmers through the secretariat and to strengthen district relationships through the establishment of offices in all districts in Ghana
  • To mobilize peasant farmers for collective action for policy reforms targeting agricultural trade and production
  • To work with strategic partners to promote a peaceful environment for agricultural activities
  • To perform any other function as and when the need arises

Our main activities include:

  • Organizational and Technical Capacity Building
  • Information and Knowledge management
  • Strategic partnership Building
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Membership and network strengthening

Membership of PFAG currently stands at 1,527 registered Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) comprising 38,989 individual members. The membership is made of 45% female farmers and over 80% are small scale and poor. Most of them are settlers in the remotest communities and have limited access to basic social services such as education, health care services and financial resources. Advocating for policies that will lead to accessing better services for all these categories of people has been the main aim for the formation of the association. The Association has 66 Focal persons in 55 operational districts in all the ten regions of Ghana who support in project implementation. The farmers produce a wide range of food crops such as Cassava, Rice, Maize, Yam, Millet, Soyabean, Watermelon, Groundnut, Potatoes, Cashew, Cotton, Vegetables including pepper, tomatoes, onion, okra etc. across the ten regions of the country.